Application of Saw Tooth Gradients using PSS WinGPC UniChrom



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Saw tooth gradients require a significant number of entries in a gradient table. This application note describes how saw tooth gradients can be programmed in PSS WinGPC UniChrom.

Saw tooth gradients have recently been introduced to polymer separations. The sample is initially adsorbed or precipitated onto the stationary phase and, afterwards, the sample components are released based on differences in adsorption strength or solubility.

For this purpose a series of isocratic steps of increasing eluent or solvent strength separated by additional steps of much lower eluent/solvent strength is applied. This allows separation of the released fractions into several peaks, much better resolved than in a conventional linear or step gradient.

This application note addresses the separation of a set of PSS polystyrene standards using a saw tooth gradient.

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