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Separation Science, in collaboration with Metrohm, has developed a learning portal aimed at providing laboratory scientists with information, advice, tools and resources for overcoming key analytical challenges.

Included are a selection of technical articles covering the use of key analytical techniques to determine contaminant aerosols in the atmosphere, chromate in various matrices including toys, analysis of iodised X-ray contrast media after ozonation, the role of ion chromatography in pharmaceutical analysis, and analysis of plastics.

Currently available are:

AerosolsCover.pngOnline Monitoring of Atmospheric Inorganic Gases and Aerosols in The
Southeastern and Northwestern USA
by J.L. Fry, H. Allen, B. Ayres, D.C. Draper, S. Kappes and A. Steinbach

ChromateCover.pngChromate in Toys, Leather, and Potable Water
by A. Steinbach

ContrastMediaCover.pngIC-ICP/MS Analysis of Iodised X-ray Contrast Media after Ozonation

by Peter Pfundstein, Christian Martin, Wolfgang Schulz, Wolfram Seitz, Katinka Meike Ruth, Andrea Wille, Alfred Steinbach and Dirk Flottmann

PharmaCover.pngIon chromatography: The All-rounder in the Pharmaceutical Sector
by A. Steinbach

PlasticsCover.pngIt’s All Made of Plastic!
by Stephanie Kappes and Alfred Steinbach

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